Return to Ceyrior by Order to Ruin (Album Review)

Return to Ceyrior is the upcoming album that will be released on February 10th by German melodeath band Order to Ruin, the band has been working on it since 2011, influenced by bands such as Dark Tranquility they have found their own style adding some Power and Thrash touches to their music.

These guys has 2 Ep´s, and this is the 7th self recorded album, yeah, they deserve a label, but anyway they have been doing an amazing work producing their own albums, where the quality is really surprising in every one of it.

Return to Ceyrior has 1 intro and 8 powerful songs, is for sure a notable advance for Order to Ruin when you listen to their past albums, the band has grown musically speaking, giving us a more experimetal album this time.

Begining with “World Eater”, an atmospheric, out of this planet  song that intruduce us to the Return to Ceyrior… following with “The Storm Lake´s Tale” with a guitar melodies with mostly melodic/power lines that give a perfect and heavier sound with the bass, vocals and drums playing mostly melodeath lines. The 3rd song is “Dating Lucifer”- pure and dark melodeath with some thrash behind, this is the first single from the album, with an official lyric video.

Another song that I really enjoyed is Return to Ceyrior with powerful melodic guitars going heavier as the song goes on, and with an atmospheric guitars/ words spoken middle bridge that will return us to the heavy song and a solo guitar, definitly one of my favourite songs from this album, also the last track “The bearing of time” with all that dark/heavy melodies is  the perfect song to give end to this amazing album.

Return to Ceyrior tracklist:

1-World Eater (Intro)

2-The Stormlake´s Tale

3-Dating Lucifer


5-Return to Ceyrior

6-Alone with my Knife

7-Into the Devil´s Mansión

8-The Conjurer

9-The Bearing of Time

Check out their official lyric video of Dating Lucifer here

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